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Memory Of Love One

This is the Wikia page to add your "love One" that you miss so much.
You could make a page about the love one &/or friends who had pass on. Than add it here.

Our Preyer to your Love One

Welcome, My name is Edmund Kayyuen Lo, Now it April 3'2009 (Making of my new web site).

Do you prey for God, Do you prey for Jesus.

I know i do prey because my father (George Lo) pass away on December 13'2008.

I hope you all prey.

Let all prey:

Mary, Mother of Grace is a Roman Catholic prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Mary, Mother of grace,

Mother of mercy,

Shield me from the enemy

•And receive me at the hour of my death. Amen. •(From the Roman ritual)

Page That are Already Made

Memory Page Have Been Listed Already
Stars & Other
Diana, Princess of Wales Selena Quintanilla-Pérez Thuy Trang
Michael Jackson Brittany Murphy Ronald Reagan
Leslie Nielsen Macho Man Randy Savage Bridgette Andersen
Dick Clark Larry Hagman Gia Allemand
Paul Walker Nelson Mandela Shirley Temple
Harold Ramis Robin Williams

Other Page That are Already Made

Memory Page Have Been Listed Already
The Memory Of:
Sandy Hook Elementary Manchester Arena

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